Thursday, 26 January 2012


UPDATE:  26Jan2012:  Finally, Chris and Aiden begin to get to know each other, with a bit of help from their friends!  Aiden was one of Chris' nurses when he was recovering in hospital from the bashing ... again, they are handling the story line with respect and creativity!
25Jan2012 episode: 6323

26Jan2012 episode: 6324 

27Jan2012 episode: 6325 

Aussie soap NEIGHBOURS have commenced a strong 
Gay storyline this week! 
One of the main youth characters came out as gay many months ago, but until now he has had to play second fiddle to all the predictable straight teen dramas that go on in Ramsay Street.  CHRIS PAPAS (James Mason) was a student at Erinsborough High and also did some part-time training at the local Mechanic working alongside owner Lucas Fitzgerald (Scott Major).    Previously there was a brief storyline about a bigoted and over opinionated older male customer who made a lot of homophobic comments in front of Chris but Lucas failed to correct him or stand up for Chris at the time, not wanting to loose a customer.  Since then, Lucas has apologised to Chris.

1Dec2012 episode: 6304

CHRIS PAPAS has finished his VCE and begun fulltime traineeship at the local Mechanic working alongside owner, Lucas.    Lucas put a Rainbow sticker on the main sign of the business (along with a Saints Supporters sticker) which Chris had brought back from his Schoolies trip with best mate Andrew.    Looking at the days bookings Chris notices that the bigot Warren Burrell (Tony Rickards) is booked in that afternoon.  To his surprise, the car is brought in by Blake (Oliver Edwin), the (presumably gay) son.  Chris says they will have the work done for him that afternoon.  Unfortunately, Burrell  brings his son back to collect the car.  When  he start throwing around his usual homophobic “jokes” after seeing the rainbow sticker, Lucas warns him to stop, Chris tells him he is gay and offended by the comments and  the customer says he will never use their services again.   When they close up for the night, someone is watching them from the phone box across the street!

2Dec2012 episode: 6305

5Dec2012 episode: 6306

6Dec2012 episode: 6307

7Dec2012 episode: 6308       

8Dec2012 episode: 6309       

9Dec2012 episode: 6310